Negative beliefs can be formed every day, and at any given moment.

It can happen when you’re negotiating with your child to finish his homework, or when you’re taking him to the playground, or even when you’re simply tucking him into bed. It can happen when he’s watching TV, or in the classroom. It can happen when he’s out playing with his friends.

But here’s the good news: whether you’re expecting a newborn, or if you have a young child, or even if you have a tween who has likely adopted a variety of negative beliefs… it’s never too late.

Learn how the parenting method of Belief Shaping can help you raise a happy child who grows into a successful fulfilled adult!

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PARENTING THE LEFKOE WAY contains everything you could want to know about mastering the art of Belief Shaping through a structured process of lessons, parenting exercises and tools.

“I wish I had found Parenting the Lefkoe Way sooner! I recently bought your CDs and they have been SO helpful, I only wish I’d found them sooner. I have much work to do with my beliefs and my own self esteem. I am the youngest of thirteen and grew up around a lot of yelling, fighting & stress. But I am committed to not repeat. My daughters are 5 & 8.  Thank you”

Nicole Reddington

“Am I doing the right thing?”

When you start implementing the tools  from Parenting The Lefkoe Way you will notice the positive changes immediately.

Getting your child to do chores like putting away her toys or dressing herself will be that much easier. Setting rules and boundaries will become effortless. You’ll notice a stronger bond than ever before. Best of all, these positive changes will only get better as the years go by.

Your happy child will grow into a balanced teenager and finally a successful adult. Isn’t that what every parent wants for their child?

Designed for busy parents like you

Let’s be Real: how many parents have the time to drop what they’re doing, and spend hours every day listening to an intensive home training program? Not many, and that’s why Parenting The Lefkoe Way is designed to be an enjoyable learning experience you can study at your own pace.